LG Bag-less Vacuum cleaner, 2000 Watt, Red Product Shelf Life 2 Years

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LG Bag-less Vacuum cleaner, Dust Compression Technology (Kompressor Technology ) ,Easy to dispose dustbin ,Turbo cyclone (Long lasting suction power) ,1.2 Liter (Compressed up to 3.6L) , 2000 Watt, Red,Handle Slide control - VK7320NHAR

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Long-lasting suction power

cyclonic system that effectively separates dust from clean air, enabling strong suction for a long time. Unlike bagless vacuum cleaners, dust is collected in a simple single container before the air is filtered. Because of its unique structure،
(Kompressor®) maintains  
From LG for his performance also excludes the messy cleaning task For the filter

Aluminum telescopic tube

the tube features an aluminum rim that makes the tube taller, lighter and easier to use. This aluminum telescopic tube is not much lighter than conventional tubes

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turbine brush

The LG vacuum cleaner not only makes the floor of the room cleaner, it also effectively removes dirt and hair from your carpet by means of a rotating turbine brush inside the head of the vacuum cleaner.


Up to 3x (large capacity)

This system uses a wide blade in a bagless box to keep it clean while compressing dust, and storing dust 3 times compared to non-compressor. A solid set of dust is easy to remove when emptying and is also covered with a 10-year warranty (parts only)

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 HEPA 13

A four-layer carbon filter that collects harmful dust particles that expel clean air.
Deodorization filter (Deodorization
  (Micro soil filter)
Mesh filter (Anti-bacterial)
 filter window 

Easy Empty

and healthy

The dust is captured in a pressure tray using a motor designed to dispose of waste in a more convenient way and works to compress the dust it collects, which provides the least degree of user contact with the dust and dirt.


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  Control the socket


Control started with a handy slide handle  


 Three Reasons to Buy.

 Compress dust up to 3 times stronger 
Long-Lasting Suction Force
Easy Empty And healthy

Specifications for LG Bag-less Vacuum cleaner, 2000 Watt, Red Product Shelf Life 2 Years

Unused Brand LG
Type Bagless
Color Red