LG Digital Refrigerator, NoFrost, 18FT, Black Product Shelf Life 6 Years

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LG Freestanding Digital Refrigerator with Linear Cooling, No Frost, 437 Litre, 18 FT, 2 doors, Inverter, LED Lighting, Tempered Glass Shelves, Smart Diagnosis, Black, Made In Indonesia - GN-C562SGCU

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"How do we keep food fresher and longer for longer?"

The solution is to strictly control the temperature."

Even AND Fast Cooling Anywhere

LG technology makes the internal temperature cooler and cooler 35% faster than conventional cooling system.

where the temperature gap between the inner part and the side of the door of the compartment greatly reduces.

equal cooling at any time

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Constant and equal temperature all the time is a key indicator of freshness. Technology makes the temperature fluctuation in the range of degrees Celsius.

Energy Efficient

Thanks to LG's Inverter Linear Compressor, market leading efficiency is guaranteed by using fewer components than conventional compressors so the Inverter Linear Compressor has fewer points of friction and creates less noise  


Easy Storage

You can easily take out and move the ice tray when you need more freezer space.

™Smart Diagnosis

LG is an easy and convenient technology to troubleshoot any problems. All you have to do is just call the LG customer service hotline and place the smartphone on the device. The device connects to any computer that provides a diagnosis within seconds and provides an instant solution,

Energy saving and longer life span

Panel lighting is more energy efficient and has a longer life span than conventional lamp lighting.


Specifications for LG Digital Refrigerator, NoFrost, 18FT, Black Product Shelf Life 6 Years

Unused Brand LG
Type 2 Doors
Frost Type NoFrost
Capacity 18 FT
Color Black