Kenwood Food processor, 800 Watt, Silver

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Food processor 800 Watt + Eclaric chopper capacity 2.1 liters + Eclaric blender capacity 2.1 liters + 1 discs of slicing + Orange Juicer+ Cream Mixer Silver- FDP302 SI

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Kenwood Food processor, 800 Watt

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mini combine harvester

A small device with great features. It is very easy to describe in one phrase a food processor that you can buy from our online store. Thanks to the modest size of the collection, it will not be difficult to place them in the smallest kitchen. With the power of 800 watts, it can easily handle the basic tasks of mixing or grinding. All you have to do is put the food in a 2.1-liter bowl. Straight through the neck at the top. The ingredients can be added even while processing them, without stopping the addition for a second. It is completely safe and comfortable

اstrength and speed

The device operates at two speeds or in a pulsed mixing mode. Putting a pulse with short stops prevents products from staying on the walls, and the smallest parts rest again at the bottom of the bowl. All of this allows you to create uniform mixtures of different consistency, as well as deal with mixing thick minced meat and, of course, preparing a variety of salads according to your taste. An important advantage is the relatively low energy consumption. Just because the minimum time is spent on all operations


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More tools

You can change the food processor configuration at any time and prepare it for new tasks. You will not need to purchase anything for this. Everything you might actually need is included in the standard package: a slicing knife (crushes the hardest products in just one blade), throbbing nozzle (eggs, liquid ingredients, mashed potatoes, etc.), a scrub and slicing disc (does the same as a grater) Much faster and effort on your part). There is also a spacious mixer and even a citrus press, where you can get it almost instantly from natural fruit and vegetable juice

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